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Software Engineering Portal

This page was created as a part of the project "Software Size and Effort Estimation at Early Stages of the Software Development Projects", which operates within the Foundation for Polish Science Ventures Programme co-financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund.

Aim of the site

The goal of this page is to popularize research results concerning Software Engineering, and especially software size and effort estimation.

We hope that it will become a place were researchers and practicioners can share their knowledge and observations concerning software development.

You can find here

  • research areas - check in which areas of software engineering we are interested in,
  • team - look who we are,
  • publications - see a list of our publications,
  • projects - a list of projects we participated in incuding research grants, cooperation with industry, and software projects (tools we have created),
  • knowledge base - here you can find results of our research, practical information on how to follow best practices of software engineering, as well as some tips concerning research methodologies. If you would like to ask some questions or share your obseravations you can do it on our forum.

Main content of this page is presented in both English and Polish. However some materials, especially in the knowledge base section, will be available only in English.

We hope you will enjoy it!

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