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XPrince Consortium

Since 2004 we have been co-operating within the XPrince Consortium in order to develop the XPrince methodology

Balancing agility and discipline in software development projects


The XPrince Methodology (eXtreme PRogramming IN Controlled Environments) is based on PRINCE2, RUP and XP, combining their best practices.

The methodology was inspired by results of research conducted at Institute of Computing Science (Poznan University of Technology).

The main author of the methodology is professor Jerzy Nawrocki who encouraged software companies located in Poznan to participate in development of the new methodology.

In December 2004, decision was made to estabilish the XPrince Consortium, which is an association of companies and university with goal to develop and promote the XPrince methodology.


If you would like to know more about the XPrince Consortium please visit this page.

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