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Combining extreme programming with ISO 9000

Jerzy Nawrocki, Michał Jasinski, Bartosz Walter, and Adam Wojciechowski (2002)

LNCS, 2510:786–794.

The main drivers of the growing ICT market are software products. European Information Technology Observatory estimates, that in year 2002 the total value of ICT software products in Western Europe will be more than 70 billions Euro. Unfortunately very few people are satisfied with quality of the software products and processes. Software Process Improvement tools, like CMM and ISO 9000 were to cure this situation, but some people complain that they are too bureaucratic and inflexible. As a result new, so-called agile, methodologies appeared. One of them is Extreme Programming (XP)-a lightweight, change-oriented and customer-oriented approach to software development. Although XP proposes many interesting practices, it has some limitations. Moreover, it is not clear how to introduce XP to an organization certified to ISO 9001:2000. The aim of the paper is to present a modified version of XP that would be acceptable from the point of view of ISO 9000.

This research has been financially supported by the State Committee for Scientific Research as a research grant 4 T11F 001 23 (years 2002-2005)

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