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Extending Testability for Automated Refactoring

Bartosz Walter (2003)

In: Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering, vol. 2675, pp. 429–430, Springer. LNCS.

Refactoring, one of XP core practices, aims at keeping the software design simple and flexible. It assumes changing internal structure of the code without influencing its functionality [1]. However, since refactoring is a costly and complex process, researchers and practitioners try to automate or semi-automate it (e.g. [2]), having in mind both decreasing the cost and preventing it from introducing new errors to the code. The automation is usually based on syntactic verification of well-known conditions that must be met to successfully apply a given transformation. Unfortunately, only a few among refactorings catalogued by Martin [4] are subject to full automation.

This research has been financially supported by the State Committee for Scientific Research as a research grant 4 T11F 001 23 (years 2002-2005)

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