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Automated Generation of Unit Tests for Refactoring

Bartosz Walter and Błażej Pietrzak (2004)

In: Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering, vol. 3092, pp. 211–214, Springer. LNCS.

The key issue for effective refactoring is to ensure that observable behavior of the code will not change. Use of regression tests is the suggested method for verifying this property, but they appear to be not well suited for applying refactorings. The tests verify the domain-specific code relations, and often neglect properties important for the given refactoring or check the ones that actually change. In the paper we present a concept of generic refactoring tests, which are oriented toward the refactorings rather than the code. They can be generated automatically, are able to adapt to changes introduced by refactorings and learn the specifics of the tested code.

This research has been financially supported by the State Committee for Scientific Research as a research grant 4 T11F 001 23 (years 2002-2005)

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