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Jerzy Nawrocki

Contact Information

Jerzy Nawrocki
Poznań University of Technology
60-965, POZNAŃ, Poland,
E-mail address: Jerzy.Nawrocki [at]

Institute of Computing Science
ul. Piotrowo 2,
Room: Lecture Centre  118.
Phone +48 61 665 29 80. 

Faculty of Computing and Information Science
ul. Strzelecka 11,
Room: 212
Phone +48 61 665 34 22.


Scientific papers

  1. Mirosław Ochodek and Jerzy Nawrocki: Automatic Transactions Identification in Use Cases In: Balancing Agility and Formalism in Software Engineering: 2nd IFIP Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques CEE-SET 2007, vol. 5082, pp. 55-68, Springer Verlag. LNCS. 2008.

  2. Alicja Ciemniewska, Jakub Jurkiewicz, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Łukasz Olek: Supporting Use-Case Reviews In: 10th International Conference on Business Information Systems, vol. 4439, pp. 424-437, Springer Verlag. LNCS. 2007.

  3. Łukasz Olek, Jerzy Nawrocki, Bartosz Michalik, and Mirosław Ochodek: Quick Prototyping of Web Applications In: Software Engineering in Progress, ed. by Madeyski, Lech and Ochodek, Mirosław and Weiss, Dawid and Zendulka, Jaroslav, pp. 124-137, NAKOM. 2007.

  4. Jerzy Nawrocki, Tomasz Nędza, Mirosław Ochodek, and Łukasz Olek: Describing Business Processes with Use Cases In: Proceedings of the Business Information Systems Conference, ed. by Abramowicz, Witold, vol. P-85, pp. 13-27, Koellen Druck+Verlag. Lecture Notes in Informatics. 2006.

  5. Jerzy Nawrocki and Łukasz Olek: UC Workbench – A Tool for Writing Use Cases and Generating Mockups In: Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering, vol. 3556, pp. 230-234, Springer. LNCS. 2005.

  6. M. Gabor, G. Jachimko, and Jerzy Nawrocki: Making a capture-and-play tool suitable for agile software development Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences , 29(1-2):59-74. 2004.

  7. Błażej Pietrzak, Bartosz Walter, and Jerzy Nawrocki: Automatic bad-smell detection in Java programs Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, 29(1-2):149-165. 2004.

  8. Jerzy Nawrocki and Bartosz Walter: Introduction to the special issue on software engineering Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences , 27(4):195-196. 2002.

  9. Jerzy Nawrocki, Michał Jasinski, Bartosz Walter, and Adam Wojciechowski: Combining extreme programming with ISO 9000 LNCS, 2510:786–794. 2002.

  10. Adam Wojciechowski, Jerzy Nawrocki, G. Jachimko, L. Gawron, M. Jagielski, and Bartosz Walter: Experimental evaluation of two approaches to software artefacts review Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, 27(4):249-259. 2002.


Books co-authored, co-edited

  1. Zbigniew Huzar, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Marcin Szpyrka: Software Engineering Techniques in Progress AGH University of Science and Technology Press, Kraków. 2009.

  2. Bertrand Meyer, Jerzy R Nawrocki, and Bartosz Walter: Balancing Agility and Formalism in Software Engineering, Second IFIP TC 2 Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques, CEE-SET 2007, Poznan, Poland, October 10-12, 2007, Revised Selected Papers Springer, vol. 5082. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2008.


Technical reports

  1. Sylwia Kopczyńska, Michał Maćkowiak, and Jerzy Nawrocki: Multimedia-supported Elicitation of Non-functional Requirements Poznan University of Technology, Technical Report RA-08/08. 2008.


Other publications

  1. Bartosz Michalik, Sylwia Kopczyńska, Michał Maćkowiak, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Mirosław Ochodek: Evaluation of the Technical Drama Efficiency. A Case Study on Teaching ATAM in Academic Environment Miscellaneous publication, Poster at ESEM 2009. 2009.

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