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Research Grant NCN 2011/03/N/ST6/03016

Commercial projects are undertaken under time pressure and strive to minimize costs. Because of that, elements like user manual are marginalized. To allow creation of a user manual is such conditions and prevent providing low-quality materials to users 1) a quality model of a user manual and 2) methods for automatic (or semiautomatic) generation of manual were provided.


This work has been supported by the Polish National Science Centre based on the decisions DEC-2011/03/N/ST6/03016.


Scientific papers

  1. Bartosz Alchimowicz and Jerzy Nawrocki: The COCA quality model for user documentation Software Quality Journal. 2014. (not assigned to an issue yet)

  2. Jerzy Nawrocki, Mirosław Ochodek, Jakub Jurkiewicz, Sylwia Kopczyńska, and Bartosz Alchimowicz: Agile Requirements Engineering: A Research Perspective In: SOFSEM 2014: Theory and Practice of Computer Science, ed. by Geffert, Viliam and Preneel, Bart and Rovan, Branislav and Štuller, Július and Tjoa, AMin, vol. 8327, pp. 40-51, Springer. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2014.

  3. Łukasz Olek, Bartosz Alchimowicz, and Jerzy Nawrocki: Acceptance Testing of Web Applications with Test Description Language Computer Science, 15(4):459-477. 2014.

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